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Thinking of cleaning your own carpet or rug? I commend you but you want to make sure you get it done right.

If you have done this before then great if not maybe you should consider getting some expert help. That way you can be sure you will get a great job. And, it doesn't need to cost you the earth.

Booking a pro rug or carpet cleaning service is not an opportunity you could simply overlook. That would be a smart move based on the supplier being able to do the following to hand us over the sanitation of your carpets and rid yourself of a chore. The hygiene of your floor coverings will be brought to a whole new level. You will be happy to spend your time productively or just rest while our highly trained professionals deal with the hard work. As s result, you will have a dust-free carpet, also significantly less allergens and bacteria in your property. And this is only one of the many benefits that are part of our service. You will be one of our many happy customers. You may even be one of those who left testimonials. It is the result of perks like the following:

Check the price rates which to see they are competitive, affordable and fixed: you will be happy if you get great value for your money. You should also never have to leave a deposit Get a time that suits you. You will pay the same price for all days of the week. Same goes with days that are declared national holidays. In other words, suit yourself in regards to time Make sure who you chose are perfectly trained, geared up ready to work and insured against property damage. You can expect them to arrive promptly; Do they use the most advanced cleaning machinery? The best hot water extraction machines will do the trick; Are they eco-friendly: do they follow all safety protocols. All of the detergents and mixtures for hot water extraction machines should be approved and safe to people, pets and the environment; Do they offer any special offers: you can combine the services and get discounts. You will be free to merge the main service on offer with upholstery cleaning and/or mattress cleaning; Do they give you additional protection: you can ask us for Scotchgard protection and/or deodorising of your carpets. This will add up to the base price of our service; Free price quotes: you can get in touch with your potential suppliers for information about prices, terms and conditions. You should not be obliged to book for a visitation;

Do the above and all will be well with getting your carpets or rugs cleaned to a satisfactory level.

If you still have no idea on how to start and what requirements will be asked from you, then there is no harm in contacting a professional. A professional will help you understand the housing loan process and they will also help fix the paperwork needed.

4. You need to do a lot of research.

Just because you have a professional working with you doesnt mean that you can rely on them 100% in getting the best housing loan for you. If anything, you should do your own research so you also have an idea of other types of home loans out there.

5. Know how long youre staying on the property.

A lot of people think that home loans are going to be helpful no matter what, but obviously, this isnt true. A home loan is only going to make sense if you plan on staying in the same house for more than five years. But if you are only staying in a particular house for less than that, look further for short-term loans that make sense to your situation.

These things arent the steps to your home loan application process. However, they are things you should know way ahead of time so that you can better prepare your application.

The handheld vacuum is very similar to this because it is meant to pick up a quick mess and are both great for small areas, such as curtains and upholstery. These two designs are much lighter in weight and are even easier to store when not in use. Canister vacuums are good for multipurpose use. They are ideal for not only carpeted floors, but bare floors as well. They can clean upholstery, curtains, and other hard to reach areas. However, this vacuum may be a little harder to store in a smaller closet or area, and may be a little heavier as a whole, compared to an upright vacuum.

A newer, novelty type of vacuum is the small robotic vacuum. They are quite small, typically round devices. These are great for in between regular vacuuming sessions and are good for uncluttered rooms. Keep in mind that they arent too good with getting into corners and take a little time to set up.

Add-on attachments and features to look out for

Most vacuums come with attachments that make multipurpose cleaning simple and quick. They may come with wands and hoses to extend the devices reach. Often times there are narrow nozzles included to help with getting into tight corners and crevices. Small brushes that attach to the nozzles may also be included to help clean upholstery and help with dusting duties.

Some good features to look out for can help the decision making process much simpler. The carpet height adjustment feature helps to move through carpet more smoothly and easily by adjusting the machine to the height of the carpets pile. It is preferable to have a manually adjustable one, although some automatically adjustable ones do just fine.

A spinning brush under the head of the vacuum is ideal for carpeted flooring. It helps to dislodge debris by combing through the carpet fibers and do a more thorough cleaning job. While sometimes long hairs and strings may get entangled and wrapped around the brush, it can easily be removed by cutting them away with a pair of scissors. Also, a retractable power cord is a convenient feature to have. This can make storing the vacuum more convenient and not having to do the tedious task of wrapping and unwrapping it having the cord release all at once.

Bagless vs. Bags While some bagless models will save you money on not having to buy replacement bags often, you do have to replace the filter periodically. Cleaning them out isnt too time consuming. All you have to do is release the container and pour out over a garbage can. Vacuums that require bags, trap and contain dirt a little better and are a slightly easier to empty. When throwing away the bag you encounter less exposure to dust and allergens than with bagless models.

Overall, shopping for a vacuum cleaner should be about choosing the right style for your needs. Remember that the lightest or most expensive brand might not do the best for what you intend to use it for. Make sure that you are making a wise choice in investing in a vacuum that will in turn give the best results.

It's also generally blonde as well as chemically treated Cotton also has one of the highest chemical makes use of for crops. As well as it's generally GMO too. However these 2 things are stopped by buying organic cotton. How is Bamboo Used Across the World?

Following is Bed linen, and also it's an additional all-natural material It originates from the flax plant as well as it was used all the way back in ancient Egypt. And also bed linen as a fiber is: breathable, long lasting, light-weight, absorbing, it's normally really amazing as well as good for summer time, I additionally read that it's antimicrobial however I wasn't able to discover very much comprehensive details to back that up The cons are that it creases quickly. It often requires gentler or hand cleaning and often there is phony linen or 'bed linen appearance' product so you have to be careful of that. The ecological pros are that it requires little chemicals as well as water to expand, particularly contrasted to cotton. As well as it is biodegradable. And also the cons are that it can often be dyed with toxic chemicals however it depends on how it's made.

Another plant fiber is hemp. As well as it comes from the cannabis plant however a type that's only utilized for hemp production. And also as a fiber it is: long lasting, absorbent, it becomes softer with wear and also washing, it's breathable as well as it can likewise be hypoallergenic. The disadvantages are that it can sometimes be harsh, it wrinkles and also different countries in some cases have extremely strict regulations around expanding as well as processing hemp. So there are problems around that with hemp textile manufacturing. The ecological pros are that it doesn't call for pesticides or great deals of water to expand, It does not diminish nutrients from the soils so it's a really excellent crop. It is biodegradable and since it's really resilient the garments typically last lengthy. As well as for environmental cons, I actually could not find anything. It's generally seen as being the most eco-friendly material.

After that there's polyester, which is most likely one of the most usual artificial fiber. It's made from petrochemicals as well as is: crease resistant, sturdy, it dries out swiftly it's colourfast, it's machine washable it often tends to keep it's shape well as well as it's economical. The disadvantages are that it does not breathe which can additionally create it to become foul-smelling, it develops static and it can likewise irritate the skin. An environmental pro is that it can be reused yet this does call for one more chemical process. And the environmental cons are that it doesn't biodegrade, fibres come off of it when it's being washed and those end up polluting the sea, it's energy extensive as well as very contaminating to make, poisonous chemicals are used to make it as well as it's additionally really hard to dye which calls for a lot of chemicals.

Next we have wool. Wool is an all-natural healthy protein fiber like your hair. As well as it mainly comes from lamb however can also come from alpacas, goats and also other animals. Wool as a fibre is: hot(it's also cozy when wet), water resistant, resilient, very absorptive, flame resistant as well as hypoallergenic. The disadvantages are that it shrinks in warm water, it should be hand washed or completely dry cleansed, it can tablet as well as depending on the sort of wool, it can be scratchy or irritating to the skin. The environmental pros are that it's quickly dyed, which normally implies there are less extreme chemicals made use of, it's biodegradable and also due to the fact that it's extremely sturdy it implies that the garment will generally put on actually well as well as can be kept for a long period of time. The ecological cons are that due to the fact that it originates from an animal there are issues and also problems around the treatment as well as treatment as well as well-being of those animals. Toxic chemicals as well as pesticides can likewise be utilized and this can be prevented by seeking organic wool.

Following is acrylic which is a synthetic petrochemical fibre. It was created to be a guy made alternative to woollen and it is: lightweight, soft, colourfast, machine washable and also cheap. The disadvantages are that it often tends to pill conveniently it doesn't breathe, it accumulates fixed. For the ecological pros, I really couldn't find anything. As well as the cons are that it does not biodegrade, it's not quickly reused, there are poisonous chemicals utilized to make it, it's energy extensive and once again fibres clean off of it that end contaminating the seas. After that there's silk which is a natural protein fiber. It originates from the cocoon of the silk worm. As well as it is: very soft, it has an all-natural luster, it's light-weight has a great drape, so it normally looks very great in apparel and it's often good for really delicate skin. The disadvantages are that it's pricey, it calls for hand cleaning or completely dry cleaning, it's not extremely sturdy as well as it's susceptible to discolouration from sunlight or sweating. The environmental pros are that it is eco-friendly, and it dyes very easily. As well as the ecological cons are that the silk worms are actually killed in the procedure of harvesting the silk from the cocoons so it is never an honest or vegan product. F

Following is nylon an additional synthetic made from petrochemicals It was established to be a synthetic replacement for silk. As well as it is: strong, climate immune, functional, water repellent, maker washable, it dries out quickly as well as it's inexpensive. The cons are that some sorts of nylon develop static, it can irritate skin The environmental pros are that it is a quite long lasting product so the garment will typically last a long period of time And for the disadvantages, like with polyester, fibres come off when it's washed that wind up contaminating the seas, toxic chemicals are made use of to make it, there are a lot of damaging exhausts, it's power intensive as well as it's not biodegradable.

Then there's spandex, likewise called elastane or lycra. It's an extremely elastic fiber likewise made from petrochemicals. And also it's generally located blended with other fibres. It is: stretchy, it assists garments keep their form, as well as it can aid with fit.The cons are that it breaks down in time, it can become to be fragile and yellow. The environmental pros are that it can aid make clothing not extend as well as the ecological disadvantages are that it does not biodegrade, it's power intensive as well as polluting to make and also harmful chemicals are made use of.

Finally there's a couple of naturally obtained synthetic fibres. The initial I'll talk about is rayon and also it's primarily made from a timber pulp that goes through a chemical procedure. And also as a fibers it's: soft, inexpensive, absorbing, anti-static, (unlike various other artificial materials), The cons are that it's not very resilient, it often tends to tablet, it wrinkles, it sheds stamina when damp as well as can conveniently come to be twisted and also it additionally diminishes very easily. I really couldn't actually discover any environment pros for rayon besides the reality that it makes use of much less hazardous chemicals than other synthetics however there's still toxic chemicals, so I still see that as a disadvantage. Since it's a timber pulp it can add to deforestation as well as it's power intensive to make.

There's also bamboo and also the majority of bamboo is really bamboo viscose or a bamboo rayon. Nations have different legislations concerning whether or not it needs to be classified as viscose stemmed from bamboo or a bamboo rayon. Yet primarily it's the same procedure as rayon yet as opposed to utilizing wood pulp, they use bamboo. And also as a fiber it is soft, breathable, really absorbent, and likewise doesn't build up fixed. The cons are that like rayon, some bamboo textiles will certainly tablet truly conveniently and also I like I mentioned various countries will certainly have various rules as just how it's meant to be identified to make sure that can be confusing. The environmental pros are that bamboo is extremely sustainable to expand and also requires little water and also pesticides. And the cons are that there are still hazardous chemicals utilized to make the product, and also it's energy extensive.

And also the last fiber I'm going to speak about is lyocell or tencel. And it's another naturally derived artificial made from wood pulp. And it is: soft, very absorbing, immune to creases, versatile, durable, breathable, anti-static and also claims to be hypoallergenic. The cons are that it can tablet easily and additionally occasionally requires unique treatment. The environmental pros are that it is naturally degradable, It's made in a closed loop system so the chemicals are reused. And it's much less toxic to create than other synthetics and also all-natural synthetics like rayon. The cons are that it is still uses a fair bit of energy to generate and also since it does originate from timber pulp it can additionally add to logging however total it is one of the most environmentally friendly synthetic material.

So naturally there are additionally various other materials than the ones I have actually stated as well as you'll additionally likely find a great deal of blends. As well as blends can incorporate the benefits of both products however it can likewise negate a few of them. For instance, a polyester/cotton mix will imply that the product is no longer biodegradable. As you've most likely seen, no material is excellent. And it's practically attempting your best to make informed choices as well as also picking the appropriate materials for the feature of the garment. I personally try to stick to natural products for both comfort as well as environmental factors. However it does not make sense at all times. As an example with swimsuit, it makes much more feeling to have something that doesn't soak up water and also dries out swiftly.

If youre looking for an apartment in that vast region, you might as well go for one that will make you feel as if youre looking at a postcard every time you look out the window (partly because its not likely that you get to enjoy a similar view back home). Even if youre not fond of going to the beach, having such a refreshing, picturesque view of the world outside your Costa del Sol apartment can work wonders in helping you recharge while youre on holiday.

  Easy access to recreational activities  

You cant become truly relaxed during your Costa del Sol holiday if all youll do is stay indoors the whole time you are there. That said, you should be on the lookout for apartments that guarantee you opportunities to engage in activities you dont normally get to enjoy back home.

For instance, some holidaymakers prefer apartments that are either situated within a short distance of the beach or equipped with their own heated pools so they could swim or simply take a dip in the water practically whenever they want. Others look for homes within walking distance of golf courses, of which there are many in the region. Whatever you option choose, its best to have access to activities that those in your group can enjoy.

  Guaranteed comfort the whole year round  

Costa del Sol got its name from the fact that the sun shines brightly on the entire region for no less than 300 days in a year. This has made it a popular destination among holidaymakers, especially those from Britain (British tourists have been coming in droves to the region every year since the 1950s.). To entice more tourists to come, many property developers in the region have incorporated climate control features in the homes they put up for rent or for sale.

Thus, regardless of the time of year that you opt to go to Costa del Sol on holiday, you are sure to benefit from a comfortable indoor environment in an apartment that promises such. The summer months can become more bearable because of air-conditioning, and visiting in January, when the temperature often goes as low as 12°C, is possible thanks to indoor heating.

Some parting advice

When looking for an apartment in Costa del Sol, be diligent enough to browse different review sites instead of limiting yourself to just one. This way, you are sure to get a more accurate picture of what each potential holiday home has to offer.

#4. Do your own research. Check out mouseprice for houseprices in your area and then take your time to view the property that has interested you. If possible view it more than once and at different times of the day.. This is to ensure that all aspects you had If possible view it more than once and at different times of the day. This is to ensure that all aspects you had in mind are adequately fulfilled. Try as much as you can to understand the neighbourhood. For instance, accessibility to social amenities such as schools, hospitals, and markets.

#5. Get a surveyor. Engage the services of an expert surveyor before settling on buying a property. An expert eye can warn you of an impending disaster which might end up saving you thousands in the long run.

#6. Its okay to negotiate. Most property prices are not fixed and real estate agents are always open to negotiate especially if the survey on the property has revealed some anomalies. It is important to seek expert advice before buying a house since the property market is dynamic.

It can be very beneficial to use some kind of floor plan software when you're kicking off a DIY project. With that said, you're going to want to make sure you choose the right software for the task at hand, for instance, you might be looking for an online planning tool for living rooms, it all depends on what you want to do. Here's how you can select the perfect software for your project.

Look For A Program That's Been Around For A While

When people are buying software like this, they often look at the newest software on the market. However, you might be more satisfied with software that has been around for a little bit longer. Some of the best floor plan software has been around for years. These programs are updated and improved from time to time. If you choose software that has been around for quite a while, you can safely assume that the software is free of any major problems.

Find Out What People Are Saying About Floor Plan Software

Spend some time reading reviews so that you can see what people are saying about different types of floor plan software. You should try to spend your money on software that has a lot of positive feedback.

If you look at reviews, you'll be able to learn more about what different types of software are capable of. Reading reviews will help you to find a program that's absolutely perfect for someone like you. You should be able to find reviews for most of the programs you're considering. Start reading these reviews so that you can see what people have to say.

Make Sure You Choose Software That You Can Afford

You probably have a budget for your DIY software. You should make sure that your project won't push you over that budget. You should try to find high-quality software, but you should also aim to find a program that you can actually afford.

Look at the cost of different types of floor plan software. You should try to find software that is functional and reasonably priced. If some of the software you're seeing is out of your price range, you should focus on finding cheaper options.

Not all floor plan software is the same and that's why you're going to want to make sure you pick out the best software for the job. Follow the advice above so that you can select the appropriate floor plan software for your big DIY project. These tips should be very helpful to you.

Modern versions of this bed frame Some are made from leather to give a sophisticated appearance to the bedroom. The modern frame of sleigh beds is comfortable to sleep in and classical too. Fabric and upholstered beds are a popular option in the sleigh bed style. These beds are designed to give enough room under the bed as storage space, which can be used to store luggage and anything that can fit under the bed.

Some of these modern platform frame beds come with permanently fixed drawers as well as a bed. Some prefer the ones with wheels because its drawers can be pulled out to clean out the area. People that are always on the move will have to go for modern platform bed-frames so that they can have some space. This frame of bed can accommodate any type of mattress.

Many people consider solid wood bed-frame to be stronger than metal frame because such beds are prone to warping and rusting. Solid wood bed frames can serve for a very long time when handled right. You should wipe and dust it occasionally with soapy water. You can also re-varnish or repaint the frame when it wears out if the solid wood bed frame is such that is varnished or painted. This will help it last for more years to come.

You should make sure you go for good solid wood frames like pine and oak when looking for bedroom furniture. Plywood is not sturdy enough, while particleboard can bend over time. Solid wood can be heavy but its durability, elegance, and beauty make up for this little drawback.

Bunk beds are another good bed for kids rooms. They offer options for decorating the childrens bedroom to make it attractive while leave space for study and playing. People who are innovative can also make their own bunk beds by looking for the right tools and materials following online instructions. You can also order from online stores and have the set sent to your for assemble.

They make midget trowels, hawks, and spatulas. They are continuing to focus on growing their product line as they move into the future. The tools are made with a focus on plastering trowels for the professional user. nela tools are available online from tool dealer stockists.

Top-of-the-line trowels are made with two different handles, the BikoGrip Cork and the BikoGrip Soft. The ergonomic design makes these a cut above the rest. The design makes them easier to work with for longer periods of time. The cork variety has become the choice among professionals.

Trowels are also made with premium aluminium mounting and stainless steel blades. Just one use of the Nela brand trowel and you will see and feel the difference that these superior tools bring to your plastering work.

They offer different lines of trowels including the Nelaplex and Superflex varieties. The company makes products only after carefully listening to their trade consumers. This is another reason that they have become so successful in such a short time.

They want to create long-lasting, high-quality tools that will help make any plastering job the best that it can be. Trade professionals have the skills and experience to get their work done, but part of that work can only be as good as their tools.

Inferior tools can be more trouble than they are worth. They can leave bubbles behind or leave rough edges where the end result needs to be flawless and smooth. Nela is a manufacturer that has worked hard to develop all their products to provide precise results.

The company promises to meet the demands the trade professionals have. They have a commitment to continuing to improve their current products. This is obvious in the loyal following that they have garnered online.

UK distribution of the Nela line of trowels has been one of the leading factors in getting these tools into the hands of the plastering trade. The products are available only from dedicated stockists but they are available online from a number of dealers.

If you want to get the best tools available for plastering, wallpapering and drywall projects, take a look at the tools Nela has on offer. The best projects start with the best tools, and the ones Nela offers have proven themselves to be the highest quality available. Make your projects stand out with these superior trowels and plastering tools.

Whether you would need surveillance on a patrolling car, or a Segway, or a motorcycle or what, is up to you. To keep cost of the services affordable many prefers a simple walking patrolling or a segway patrol, while depending on the vastness of business and property, some prefers patrols on bike or cars. Most good security patrol services will have all round facilities for you. However, packages will differ as per features. To accommodate services in your budget, you will have to talk to them in detail.

Find you a home The most important role that a real estate agent plays would be to find their customers a home that suits them and that is within their budget. A good real estate agent will ask you want you are looking for and your expectations, as well as your budget and then, proceed to link you up. A good real estate agent will ask you want you are looking for and your expectations, as well as your budget and then, proceed to link you up.

Sell your home If you are selling your home or if you are considering putting up your home for sale, working with a real estate agent is advisable as they have the experience on how to market any property in the industry. They are also very experienced when it comes to getting you the right buyer and in the shortest time people.

Help you find financing One of the roles a real estate agent plays is to help their customers get financing or funding for the homes they wish to buy. They are able to do this through the connections they have established in the finance industry that constitutes the banks and SACCOs. Before you hire a real estate agent, you should ask them if they can assist you to get financing and if they cant, whether they can refer you to trustworthy financiers.

Connect you with other contractors When you are buying a home or when you are selling a home, you might want a contractor to have a second look at it just to ensure that everything is as it has been claimed. You might also need a contractor or an assessor to look at your home and revalue it if you are looking to sell. A good real estate agent should be able to link you up with trustworthy contractors that he has formed a network with

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If you can install windows yourself then its a good idea to visit a store for home improvements to see what styles they have in. The professionals there will also be able to help you pick out which are best for your needs.

Installing Lumber Beams

Lumber beams have been used to decorate living rooms for many years and are showing no sign of going out of style anytime soon. When installed to the ceiling they can bring in nature and make higher ceilings more of a focal point. As well as looking great they can also be a great structural addition and there are so many different types available that you are bound to find one style to suit your tastes.

Swap carpet for hardwood

Gone are the days where hardwood floors were just for school gyms. The majority of people now have them in at least one of the rooms of their house. Having carpet in every room, especially the living room isnt always the most practical idea especially if you have children, pets or friends round for red wine. Maintaining carpets can prove expensive and stressful but by replacing them with hardwood floor you will be able to mop up spills without stress and if you are thinking of selling in the future could also add value to your property. As with lumber wood there are numerous styles available.

If youre looking for window covers, youd be well advised to get bespoke hardwood shutters. Though shutters are more than an aesthetic feature, serving also as a cost-saving mechanisminsofar as shutters reduce heat loss via conduction, reduce the passage of heat from outside to inside, and thus enable you to spend less on central heating/air conditioningappearance is undoubtedly of signal importance. Though shutters are more than an aesthetic feature, serving also as a cost-saving mechanisminsofar as shutters reduce heat loss via conduction, reduce the passage of heat from outside to inside, and thus enable you to spend less on central heating/air conditioningappearance is undoubtedly of signal importance.

Purchasers main considerations, when buying shutters, are price and appearance. If youre going to buy shutterswhich, for the reasons mentioned above, you definitely shouldyou might want to consider hardwood shutters. Here are some reasons to buy hardwood shutters. Good at blocking out light. Hardwood shutters especially are dense, and therefore excellent for keeping out light and reducing radiation. Shutters have been shown to reduce energy loss significantly, and are recommended by many energy saving campaigns. Especially exterior shutters are thought to help the environment.

Simple Appearance. If your taste is more Bauhaus than art nouveau, hardwood wood shutters are for you. They look artisanal, homely, and add character to any property.

Privacy. Besides helping to save the environment, hardwood shutters are effective at keeping people from looking in. If you live in an apartment abutting on a busy street, frequently used by pedestrians, then either shutters or blinds are necessary to ensure privacy. Rather than purchasing papery blinds, which can look somewhat tacky and cheapish, I would recommend that you purchase hardwood shutters.

Durability. Hardwoods areas the name suggestsharder than softwoods. Coming from angiosperm treessuch as ash, oak, and cherryhardwood is dense and thus shutters made from hardwood are more weather-resistant than those made from softwoods. Though hardwood has many pros, there are also some cons of which the buyer ought to be aware. Here are some.

Hydrolytic. Hardwood is fairly hydrolytic (meaning it is likely to absorb water). Unlike other faux-wood shutters (which might be termed hydrophobic, i.e. water-repellent, as opposed to hydrolytic), hardwood is liable to absorb water, and might get damp. This ought to be borne in mind if shutters are to go up outside (especially in a rainy climate) or, more importantly, inside a bathroom, where shutters are especially liable to get damp and mouldythe tepid climate fostering the growth of bacteria.

Fairly expensive. Hardwood is one of the more expensive materials for shutters. Though many are willing to pay the extra price for what they consider quality material, you might find that hardwood is too much for your budget. If you find this to be the case, there are a number of cheaper alternatives: MDF, plastic, etc.

Well there you go. Those are some things to think about when in the market for hardwood shutters. I wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect shutters, and I hope you can find the right balance between price and style. Just remember: though hardwood may be an expensive option, there is no substitute for quality.


If you want to reap the rewards of property investment then you must heed the rules religiously. You should know the right price to pay and also the right place to buy among other things.

Pay the right price

Buy low, sell high – sounds simple. Yet many investors fail to do their due diligence before signing on the dotted line. Using tools like can give you an insight into market trends and an indication of the current market climate. Also, finding out what others have paid for the same or similar properties can give you a more accurate baseline for making an offer. The moral? Do your research and never overpay again.


If the adage ‘location, location, location’ is true, then it definitely applies to existing or potential infrastructure near a property. Always evaluate a potential investment property’s access to freeways and public transport, and research if the area is slated for new investment and development down the road.

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You should not invest without knowledge and you should not invest on hype. Get your facts right. Do a lot of research. Do not just swallow information, investigate and clarify it.

Research, research – then research again

Despite his estimated wealth of £73million, Caan insists on pounding the pavements himself. He calls it the sniff test.

"I need to walk the streets, know who owns here, who the tenants are, what the traffic's like," says Caan, 48, as he strides along Mayfair's Grosvenor Street, home to one of his latest acquisitions: a period building "bought for considerably less than what it was worth earlier this year" that will be the new office of his private equity firm, Hamilton Bradshaw.

"There's no point sending someone else out for you, then asking what they think of it. You have to see it for yourself. I love this street," he says, marvelling at his Mayfair address. "It's wide and one-way, so it's much quieter than all the others around here. I wouldn't have realised that if I hadn't come here myself."

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You should also know and understand the market trends. What makes the market move in a certain direction? What do the millennials want, where do the investors get their information from and so on.

Understand that demography drives the market.

There are some alarming structural changes and a massive demographic shift taking place right now that will affect Australian property values and our economy at large. I started talking about this shift (Australia's ageing population) and generational changes way back in 2007.

Back then people thought I was crazy. Today it's the topic of the century.

Despite our newfound 'street smarts' though, the property spruikers continue to promote the wrong types of properties in dubious locations and stitch people up by calling it "negative gearing". Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've always believed that an investment property was an asset, and assets are meant to make you money.

But as the spruikers claim: "The property market doubles every 7-10 years", "Buy negatively geared property and you'll be a millionaire" "Buy in one-horse mining towns"... I've heard it all and it still disgusts me.

Today's investor can no longer rely on luck or advice from family & friends. You need to rely on thorough research, your own judgement along with a healthy financial education.

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